James Trotter Jr.

The Book .. Real Dreams

by James Trotter Jr.

Released 2003
Released 2003
Background, easy listening electronic instrumentals with pop personality
About the Artist:
James Trotter Jr.is an american musician,producer,singer, writer,living in Italy.All songs were written arranged and produced and performed by James Trotter Jr.

Album Description:
A Fantastic CD Which Showcases Many Styles Of Music,Including Ballad,Dream,Funk,Jazz,Industrial,New Age,and Soul.

I was born in Portsmouth,Viginia,June 18 1950.I grew up listening to the Blues.
My mother had the old 78 records and the 45's. She would play .. Sonny
Boy Williamson,Muddy Waters, Albert King,Howlin Wolf,John Lee Hooker
B.B. King,Bobby Bland and many others.
I never really thought about the music that much .. because it was such
an everyday part of my life growing up. Today! .. I'm very grateful for
that experience.
In high school I remember playing music of the Beatles,Cream,Doors,Kinks,Jimi
Hendrix,Yardbirds,Wilson Picket,Otis Redding,Sam and Dave,Junior Walker. I started learning to play guitar in 1964. I
played in garage bands in high school while growing up in Rochester,
New york.
One day .. a friend of mine who played Bass gave me a free ticket to go
see "The Jimi Hendrix Experience".A few weeks later i went see Soft Machine
.. with Alan Holdsworth .. that's when i knew i wanted to play guitar
In 1972 I moved from New York to Los Angeles,(Venice)California
where i joined The Westministers, Who later auditoned for Barry White
at twentith Century Productions on The Sunset Strip in Hollywood.The
Band was later invited into the Studio to listen to pre release of
"Never Gonna Give You Up". That was an incredible period for me.
That band broke up six months later, and i moved to Hawaii.
3 years later i joined the military. 20 years later i am retired and
became a professional writer/publisher and perform at festivals and large venues. I remember seeing Luther
Allison in concert many years ago and seeing the "greatness" of the
blues,Well i got a chance to see Lucky Peterson for the first time and got inspired all over again.The "James Trotter Blues Band" is the present project and i hope to release the CD here at CDBaby!

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Thank You
J.Trotter Jr.